Dealing With Firearms When You Have Children

Do you have a firearm at home? Do you collect them or having it for your personal safety? Whatever the answer is, if you have children at home, then you need to be very careful about using, cleaning and storing it. It is better not to underestimate the curiosity of the child nor their strength. Children as young as 3 years have had enough strength to pull the trigger of handguns. As handguns in the market are coming in small, light-weight version, kids can handle it more easily.

Children and Accidents with Firearms

Unintentional handling and accidents happen when the firearms are kept at inappropriate places and children are left unsupervised. Hence, it is important to educate the children about the dangers of handling firearms. Talking to them about the gun, what it is used for, its functionality and what it can do when touched and handled will allow them to process the information for more understanding. While it is better to teach them about the dangers, it is also equally important to keep the guns in a fireproof place.

Safe Storage in a Home with Children

Firearms should always be stored in a place that is inaccessible to the children. For the storage purpose, there are many types of safes and cabinets available. But whatever the type of storage is bought, a parent should ensure that the firearm is not accessed by the child in any circumstance. Here are some safety measures to be taken by the parent or guardian firearms.

Different Types of Storage

As discussed, accidents happen due to our negligence and lack of proper storage of firearms. Adding to it, when the firearms are left loaded and unlocked, there is a high possibility of accidents occurring. Hence, the key to avoiding accidents is to store them in a proper place. Though storage for firearms is available, the types of storage differ based on the purpose and size of the firearm. For example, a hunter’s storage need, a collector’s storage need and a woman’s storage need is entirely different. Another important factor to store firearms is the presence of children at home. A woman usually has a handgun for home defense and hence, the firearm should be stored in a place that can be easily accessed. But if firearms are collected as part of the recreational activity, then it has to be locked in a safe or a cabinet that is appropriate.

There are large safes, small and compact safes, drawer safes and different types of cabinets available based on the environment and purpose. There are also advanced safes like the biometric gun safes that use a person’s fingerprint to provide access to the gun inside. It is also advantageous as it is possible to store both the gun and its ammunition to be stored in the same place so that they can be accessed immediately in emergency situations. Nowadays, safes with external locks are not considered to be safe as they are not effective and can be easily compromised than the latest models of safes. Also, never trust elder children in telling them about the places of storing the weapons. They tend to break the secret and compromise the safety check out


Other than safes, there are also different types of locks that are effective in keeping the firearms without getting triggered. Though they are considered less effective, they are still considered by many.
Trigger locks are used to prevent the motion of the trigger. Trigger are available separately and in many weapons, they are also integrated into the weapon.

Chamber locks are used to block the ammunition from being discharged.

Cable locks are the most popular and usually prevent the full cycling of the action. In some designs, they safeguard by preventing the proper insertion of the magazine.

Whatever the type of protection is, make sure to keep your children safe from the firearms.


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User Experience

The gun should be unloaded and stored separately, Likewise, Ammunition for the gun should be stored separately

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Customer Orientation

Both the gun and the ammunition should be locked and be inaccessible to the children. Advise your friends and family to keep their firearms locked and inaccessible to the children.

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It is important that only the parents know about the location of storage. Review and look at the different types of safe storage and gun locks before buying them.

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If you take the gun out for maintenance and cleaning, do not leave it unattended even for a minute. Teach children about the dangers of touching a gun.

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Other than safes, there are also different types of locks that are effective in keeping the firearms without getting triggered. Though they are considered less effective, they are still considered by many.

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